The Sleep and Nature for Employee Well-Being and Success (SNEWS) Lab

Science Dissemination


A blog about the field of Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) for the American Psychological Association's Psych Learning Curve series. The blog is oriented towards undergraduate students who are interested in OHP. 
A blog summarizing the results from Brossoit et al.'s (2023) study on the effects of a Total Worker Health sleep intervention on workplace safety outcomes. 
Dr. Brossoit is serving as the Chair of the Society for Occupational Health Psychology's (SOHP) Scientific Affairs Committee and Blog Coordinator for the new SOHP Blog Series.


Dr. Brossoit discusses a paper on the effects of a workplace intervention on worker sleep and safety on Healthy Work
Dr. Brossoit discusses the importance of sleep for workplace safety on the Safety Guru Podcast.

Presentations & Workshops

Interdisciplinary I-O IGNITE session at the 2023 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference. Topics include: applied chronobiology, environmental psychology, criminal justice, Black studies, women & gender studies, and sexual & reproductive health. View Recording Here.
Session on science communication strategies at the 2023 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference. Led by Rachel Perpich and co-chaired with Gwen Fisher & Lisa Kath. 
Panel session at the 2023 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference: Wearables in the Workplace: Balancing Privacy with Health and Performance Benefits.
The SNEWS lab facilitates stress management and health-related workshops for working adults and graduate students.

Dr. Brossoit and former I-O graduate student Gino Howard provided a workshop to LSU employees on how to effectively manage stress and work-family responsibilities.
Presenting on the importance of promoting healthy sleep in the workplace at the Rocky Mountain Safety Conference Plenary Session.
Introducing the field of Occupational Health Psychology to the Baton Rouge Area Society of Psychologists (BRASP). 

SciComm Papers & Articles

A recent paper about how to develop I-O science communication and dissemination skills during graduate school.

Perpich, R. A., Brossoit, R. M., Fisher, G. G., Kath, L. M., & Kunz, J. (2022). Going Upstream: Recommendations for Training the Next Generation of I-O Influencers. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. 
Dr. Brossoit previously worked as a freelance writer for Strata Leadership's Character Core Magazine. She wrote articles about how to practice humility, compassion, inclusivity, and flexibility as a leader.

Press Releases & Media Coverage

Dr. Brossoit was interviewed for an alumni spotlight article at her undergraduate institution, UMass Amherst. 
A press release about Brossoit et al.'s (2019) study on construction workers' sleep and safety.
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Research Rounds: Outside NIOSH: Poor Sleep Can Impair Workplace Safety Practices